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John Moore
8am | 14 Sep, 2014 | Series:
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7 Sep, 2014
Changing Seasons
By John Moore
John Moore
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By Dale Buchanan
Dale Buchanan
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By Stan Nickerson
Stan Nickerson
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Michael Butler

The Lost Message of Consecration

By Michael Butler
14 Sep, 2014
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From reading some old books I’ve discovered a missing spiritual dimension. The Lord is inviting us to reclaim it.

These writers from the 19th and 20th centuries wrote from a spiritual depth that I rarely see in the church today, and I wanted to know their secret. I slowly began to figure things out while reading Watchman Nee’s The Release of the Spirit, which was first published in China in 1955.

Nee wrote: “No life manifests more beauty than the one who is broken! Stubbornness and self-love have given way to beauty in the one who is broken by God.” Perhaps the reason I find so much nourishment in these old words is that I don’t hear much today about the crucified life, suffering, brokenness or surrender. We don’t invite people to a deeper spiritual realm because few even know about such a place; often even our leaders are too busy using God to boost their egos or to amass personal wealth.

Today’s shallow, “evangelical lite” culture focuses on self, self and more self. Christian books today are mostly about self-improvement, not self- sacrifice. We teach people to claim their “best life now”—and to claim it on their terms. Our message is one of self-empowerment: God wants to make you happy. How strange that message seems when contrasted with the old hymns Christians used to sing back in the days of holiness revivals. This song written by Adelaide Pollard in 1907 seems eerily foreign today:

“Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!
Thou art the potter, I am the clay;
Mold me and make me after Thy will,

While I am waiting yielded and still.
Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!
Hold o’er my being absolute sway!
Fill with Thy Spirit till all shall see
Christ only, always, living in me.”

The woman who penned those words was an itinerant Bible teacher who was discouraged because she didn’t have the funds to make a missionary journey to Africa. She found great comfort when she put all her plans and desires on the altar and freshly surrendered to God’s will for her life. The song that sprung from her anguish blessed millions, but today it has lost its popularity because we simply don’t relate.

We must reclaim the forgotten message of consecration. It is not enough to know Christian doctrines or to paint a nice Christian veneer on the surface of our lives. God wants our hearts. We must embrace the cross daily. It is not enough to simply avoid the sins that our Christian culture says are the “worst”; we must also allow God’s knife to slay the pride, the self-will, the self-confidence and the self-glorification that our backslidden Christian culture encourages.

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There will be a Special General Meeting held on 21st September at 2pm at Moore Park Church to consider and vote on the appointment of a new pastor.

  • Where Indooroopilly
  • Contact Church office: 3878 4268
  • Time 2.00pm



On the 18th October we will have our annual Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner! This is an event where a host (and helper) prepares a meal for 6-8 ‘guests’. Only on the night does anyone know who they are having dinner with and where that dinner will take place!!

This is a fun night and a chance to meet others in our church family. If you would like to be a host or help a host prepare, cook and serve please let speak to Leith Harding or Marie Kuipers. Funds raised on the night support short-term mission teams from Moore Park Baptist Church.

  • Where Various
  • Contact Church office: 3878 4268
  • Time TBA



The Grace Centre in Bahir Dar, is a God-led sanctuary for families struggling with the challenges of poverty, illness and single parenting in rural Ethiopia. The Grace Centre provides free Childcare so single parents can work to support their children; free healthcare and training in health issues; before and after school care including meals, uniforms and tutoring for families in need; literacy, numeracy and training; counseling, mentoring and support so families can remain together; transitional care and reunification for children in need.

Short Term Mission Teams assist the Grace Centre in many ways. They are able to undertake tasks, build resources and host training programs. They also provide a very necessary element of support and encouragement to all the staff in the roles, their walk with God and assist in their daily witness to the Grace families and children.

Tasks to be undertaken at the Grace Centre include -
 Sharing Gods word at bible studies and prayer times with senior staff;
 Encouraging all staff by walking with them in their various roles at the clinic, child care centres, grounds work, maintenance and teaching;
 Teaching English language skills to high school children and English conversation skills;
 creating a shared play area for the day care children including playground, gardens etc;
 Visiting and doing activities/ outings the children in the prison.

The cost including airfares, insurance, accommodation, most meals, transfers and team sight-seeing events – $5,400 per adult. There is also the opportunity to stay in Thailand and visit the Callows family after 17th Jan

If you are interested in joining us please contact Leith or Rob Harding 0410557721

  • Where Ethiopia
  • Contact Office - 3878 4268; Leith or Rob Harding: 0410 557721
  • Time



Our Service times are Sundays 8am, 10am and 5pm. Our Bellbowrie congregation meets at 9.30am only on Sundays in the Moggill State School Hall, 3417 Moggill Road.

If you would like any further information or would like to talk to one of our Pastors, please contact the Church Office by phone (3878 4268) or email (

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