What We Believe

Our mission is to be salt and light in our community

Each church has their own unique calling and at Moore Park Baptist Church, we believe ours is to be the haven of our community and being the demonstration of Jesus’ love in action. We exist to be the hands and feet of those who require help and share the good news of Christ.


We achieve this mission through a set of four values that sum up the fundamental beliefs of how Moore Park Baptist Church operates. However, we also belong to the Queensland Baptist movement and are aligned with their interpretations of the Word.




Mission Minded


Being a Christ centred church is easy to say but what does that mean and look like.  Well in Moore Park’s case we see Jesus Christ as the…


A Christ-centred church starts with realizing that the source of everything we are is the Lord. He created us, He owns us, He gifted us with talents, He authors our story, and every blessing that we receive comes from Him (Gen 1, Acts 17:26, James 1:17). Additionally, as individuals which make up part of the church of Christ we recognise that Jesus is the source for our daily righteousness (2 Pet 1:3).


As a Christ-centred church we know that this life is not all there is, and that an eternity is coming (1 Cor 15:19, Rev 21:4). Hope is not just about the future, though the reality is Jesus has also promised His help for now and so in all the struggles of life we have a present and a future hope.


A Christ-centred life has one ultimate goal: that Jesus gets the glory. It’s not wrong to pursue personal goals, but the glory of Christ is the orienting compass that gives direction to all other goals (2 Cor 5:14-15).


A Christ-centred church means that our motivation for all that we do is to see His kingdom come, in our individual lives and as a community of believers.


The Christian life starts at conversion but as a church we believe that it does not stop there. Rather becoming a follower of Jesus is the start of an exciting journey (discipleship) during which we learn about God through the scriptures, and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, become better followers of Jesus.


This is why church life is so important, as it helps us learn through word and example and within the relationships that we form. It allows us to be helped and help others to become more Christ like. Of course, we will never be perfect but as we mature in Christ we should be showing more fruits of the Spirit and using our gifts to glorify God. 


While we run a number of ministries and these are important, the church is not a building or a series of activities but rather a community of believers. By being people-focused we encourage people to be emotionally and spiritually healthy and that is of greater importance than what people do for and in the church. That does not mean that we are inward focused but rather we want people to be emotionally and spiritually healthy so that they can be Jesus on their frontline, rather than having them serving the church – if a choice needs to be made.

Mission Minded

As a church we have a long history of supporting missionaries and planting churches. We believe that we all have a part to play in the Great Commission that Jesus gave all of His disciples and as such we need to be outward looking and equipping each other to serve God in our families, communities and places of work.


Of course, some are called to full-time mission work and we support a range of people in Australia and throughout the world. Many of these missionaries started their journey with Jesus at Moore Park or have very strong links to the church.

Queensland Baptists

As a church we are a member of the Queensland Baptist Movement.


If you would like a more detailed insight into what we believe, please see our Church’s Constitution.


We walk by faith, not by sight.

We’d love for you to come and join us as we grow together as disciples of Christ and seek to serve our wider community.

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